Download Play Store for Mobile

Not all mobile phone devices come with the Google Play Store app pre-installed. Users of such type of Android devices can download the Play Store from external sources via an APK file.

Downloading the Play Store for mobile devices involves a few steps, and the procedure is fundamentally the same for all mobiles and Android versions - with slight differences. If you want to download de app right now away, click on the “Download” button on this page and follow the instructions.

This article will guide you step-by-step on the process of downloading & installing the Google Play Store for mobile phone devices.

Step 1: Turn on Install Unknown Apps

To install apps from external sources aside from the Google Play Store app, you need to enable "Install unknown apps". Google Play Store is the official store for the installation of Android apps. Any other sources are considered "external" and potentially unsafe.

For security reasons, you have to turn on this functionality each time you want to download apps from an unknown source.

The process of permitting to install unknown apps is a bit different in devices with a Pre-Oreo operating system and a post-Oreo one. But don't worry, we'll look at how it works on both types of Android versions.

For Pre-Oreo Devices

For Post-Oreo Devices

Given the peculiarities in smartphone devices, this process might be a bit different on your mobile. Take your time to test around with your phone settings until you find the "Install unknown apps / Install from unknown sources" switch and flip it on.

Step 2: Download Google Play Store APK

The next step is to download the Play Store APK. There are third-party websites where you can download the latest version of Play Store APK such as this one. You need the latest version to have the most recent app with the newest features and security patches.

Make sure you use the browser for which you enabled "Install unknown apps" to download the APK file.

Step 3: Install the Google Play Store APK

Go to the Downloads folder of the browser you used to download the APK. Tap on the file you downloaded to install it - follow through with the installation steps to get the Play Store app up and running on your mobile device.

Step 4: Disable Install Unknown Apps

To avoid you or some apps installing unknown apps - which is a grave security concern - you've to repeat step 1 above to disable the browser's permission to install unknown apps. This will prevent your device from installing malicious applications.


As you can see, it's easy to download the Google Play Store on your mobile. If you encounter any form of problem, search our tutorial archive for custom solutions. We've got an article that covers all types of Play Store related problems.