Install Play Store

If you own an Android device without the Google Play Store app installed, you can install the Play Store with a few simple steps. If you are in a hurry, simply click the “Install” button, download the APK file and install it on your device.

Regardless of the Android operating system version, installing the Play Store app is the same. The difference can be in the type of device you are using - which is not a problem as you can apply this tutorial, the device type notwithstanding.

Without further ado, let's see how you can install the Google Play Store app in 3 simple steps.

Step 1: Turn on Installation from Unknown Sources

By default, Android devices are enabled to install apps only from the Google Play Store app. The Play Store is the only official platform for installing apps on Android devices.

To install apps from sources other than the Play Store, you need to enable "installation from unknown sources." This is simple to do, even though that process varies depending on the Android version.

Let's look at how you can enable "installation from unknown sources" in old and recent android versions. 

Older Android Versions (before Android 8.0):

It might be different from device to device. Take your time and find out how to do this on your device.

Recent Versions of Android (after Android 8.0):

In this case, you have to begin the installation process (step 3 below) before you can activate installation from unknown sources.

Once you start the installation process, a notification will pop up, telling you to enable installation from unknown sources.

Next, click the settings button on the notification page and check the box to enable "installation from unknown sources."

Step 2: Download the Play Store App

Next, you have to download the Play Store APK file. Google Play Store app is available as an APK file. You can download it from a reliable website such as this one. You have to download the file from trustworthy websites because of security reasons.

Before you click the Download button, make sure you find out the latest version of the Google Play app. The newest version gives you the most recent features and security patches.

Make a quick search to find out the latest version of the Play Store app. The app is always compatible with most devices - Android version and device hardware architecture notwithstanding.

Next, click the “Install” button on this page, downloading the APK file and following the instructions.

Step 3: Install the Google Play Store App

Once you're done downloading the app, go to the Downloads folder on your device. Click on the APK file you downloaded to install it. Follow the installation process and with a few clicks you'll have the app up and running.

As noted in step one above, at this point, if you're using recent versions of Android operating system (from Android 8.0), you will be prompted to enable installation from unknown sources.

Once done that, you now have a functional and operational Google Play Store app.

But wait, one more thing to go. You have to disable "installation from unknown sources". This will keep you and apps from installing other apps from potentially harmful sources.

Follow the instructions as in step 1 above to uncheck "installation from unknown sources".

Final thoughts

As you can see, installing the Google Play Store app is not a complicated task. However, the process might vary from device to device. In such a case, you have to look out for custom solutions. Check out our device-specific tutorials for more information.