Play Store Problems

In one way or the other, every Android device user has experienced problems with the Google Play Store. Play Store problems - error messages when downloading new apps, the Play Store app keeps stopping, crashes, or inability to open - have solutions.

This tutorial will walk you through how to fix any form of Google Play Store problems. However, if you want to solve any type of problem quickly, we recommend you download the Play Store APK file and re-install the app from scratch, by clicking the “Download” button on this page.

General Play Store Problems

The cause of Google Play Store problems is not always exact. Categorically, Play Store problems stem from the Android operating system or from the user.

You may encounter some of these problems while using the Google Play Store app:

Play Store problems are fixed by using one or more solutions. There are some essential solutions to these problems. You don't have to use all the solutions; try one and check if it fixes the issue. If it fails, move to the next.

Solutions to Google Play Store Problems

If you are having issues with your Play Store app, perform the following actions:

Use a good WiFi or Mobile Data Connection

This is the first thing you should test if the Play Store is failing. Make sure your device has a strong internet connection. WiFi network is preferable compared to Mobile Data connection. But you can make use of mobile data if you can't access a WiFi network. Get a good internet connection and try again, hopefully, it will work out.

Clear the Cache & Data of the Google Play Store

Clearing the data and the cache makes the app refreshes and puts it in order. To do this, take the following steps (remember, the steps may vary depending on device and Android version):

Reboot your device if the issue is not resolved.

If the problem persists, proceed to clear data and cache from some basic Google services - Google Play Services, Google Manager & Google Services Framework. These apps work together with the Play Store in the background.

Clear Data and Cache from Download Manager

Clearing data and cache from this basic Google service helps in resetting the Google Play Store. As a result, it might fix the problem. To do this, take the following steps:

If the problem persists, move on to try the next solution.

Clear Cache & Data from Google Play Services

If the problem doesn't go away, do the same thing with the Google Services framework.

Clear Cache & Data from Google Services Framework

Refresh your Google Account

Removing and re-adding your Google account will refresh your Play Store and make it to reset. Before you do this, make sure you back up important information. This step might make you lose some data, even though much of the information linked to the Google account will be restored when you re-add the account - if they are backed up in the cloud.

Uninstall and Reinstall the Play Store App

This step restarts the Google Play Store and gives it a chance to get the problem resolved. On your device, take the following steps:

To update the app to the Play Store’s latest version, go to settings, scroll down, and tap the Play Store version. Once you click on, it will update automatically.

For rooted devices, you can uninstall the Play Store and reinstall from scratch.

Check Storage Space and the SD Card

Low storage space on a device can hinder apps from downloading and installing. Check the available storage space and if needed, remove some unnecessary content (photos, videos, music etc.) or apps you don’t use.

Apart from that, when the SD card is not positioned correctly, it can cause problems. Re-insert the SD card and check if it makes any difference.

Check Disabled Applications

Check to know if a basic Google service is disabled. Your Play Store app can not function properly if a basic app like Google Play Services, Google Services Framework, or Google Download Manager is disabled.

Go to Settings > Apps and make sure essential Google apps are enabled.

Disable the VPN

A VPN is very useful, but it can affect the Google Play Store in the region you are using it from. In case you use a VPN and you have it enabled, go to Settings to disable it.


If all fails, the next step is to contact the Play Store support platform. Sometimes Google Play Problems are general - from Google's side. So, the Play Store support team is in the best position to help you solve the problems.