Update Play Store

Google releases new versions of the Play Store app very frequently, like other apps. But unlike other apps, Google Play Store updates automatically in the background. Google doesn't provide an option to force-update the Play Store.

In the case the Google Play Store doesn’t update automatically, you can click the “Update” button on this page, download the app, to then manually install the newest version on your device.

Having the Google Play Store app outdated could depreciate user experience with the inability to download applications and the risk of having an insecure app.

In the case of having an outdated Google Play app, one can either update it manually or force it to look for an update. This article will walk you through how to update Google Play Store with two methods.

Method 1: Forcing the Update of the Play Store

When Google Play Store fails to update automatically, you can force it to look for an update in two simple ways - from the Play Store Settings & clearing Play Store data.

1.    Force an Update via the Play Store Settings

This method is simple. Take the following steps to update your Play Store:

2.    Force an Update by Clearing Play Store Data

This is another simple way to make the Play Store look for the newest update. Follow these steps to get rid of Play Store data:

Method 2: Update Manually by Downloading an APK

Another proven method is by installing the Google Play Store APK. Follow these steps to install the latest version the Play Store APK.

Step 1: Give Permission to Install Unknown Apps

To install apps from external sources, you need to enable “Install Unknown Apps” on your Android device.

The steps to enable installation from unknown sources are different on pre-Oreo (before Android 8.0) and post-Oreo (from Android 8.0) devices.

For Pre-Oreo Android devices:

For Post-Oreo Android devices:

Once done that, you've enabled your device to install apps from unknown sources.

Step 2: Download the Play Store APK File

There are third-party websites that offer the latest version of the Play Store APK file such as this one. All you need to do is click on the “Update” button and follow the download instructions.

Step 3: Install the Google Play Store App

Go to the browser's download folder. Open the APK file you downloaded to install it. Follow through with the installation process. You now have an up-to-date Google Play Store app.

Finally, repeat step 1 above to turn off the permission to install unknown apps - for security reasons.